Some frequently asked questions you might need the answers to about our services.

Do you do induction kits?
Yes, some of the Powerflow Exhaust franchises do offer induction kits, however only selected outlets stock these items.

Do you do branch/manifold work?
Yes all the stores do branch/manifold work. The franchises stock all the top brands to meet your required needs.

How much power?
Each car has its’ own characteristics and the power gains may vary. Vehicle power gains average between 5% and 10% in most cases.

What guarantee will I get?
Powerflow Exhausts offers a 5 year National guarantee on all its stainless steel silencers.

Is my guarantee valid at all Powerflow Outlets?
Yes your guarantee is valid at all the Powerflow Exhausts outlets throughout the country, however, it is preferred if you go to the outlet which did the job originally with your receipt. Without your receipt your guarantee is not valid.

Can you custom make what I want?
Of course we can. Powerflow Exhausts is known for being the best custom fit exhaust franchise in the country. We specialise in custom fitting exhaust systems to our customers’ needs.

What tail pipe should I put on?
Stainless Steel tail pipes are purely cosmetic, meaning they don’t play any part in changing the sound produced by the exhaust system. Pop in to your nearest dealer today and pick out the tailpipe of your choice.

Can I get a good tone / How loud?
Yes, Powerflow silencers are known to produce fantastic exhaust tone. From silent to very loud, our knowledgeable franchise managers and fitters will ensure you get the tone and noise levels you desire.

Will my guarantee pass on to a new owner?
Unfortunately not, the guarantee will not be passed onto a new vehicle owner.

My vehicle has a Turbo, can you do an exhaust system on my vehicle?
Most of our franchises are very familiar with working on Turbo Vehicles, as many vehicles these days are Turbo charged. Turbo charged vehicles do respond very well to our exhaust systems, typically gaining more power and more efficiency than the standard normally aspirated vehicle.

I have a diesel vehicle, can I still do my exhaust system at Powerflow?
Of course you can, Turbo petrol and Turbo diesels are getting more popular and we cater for both. As with petrol Turbo vehicles, Turbo diesel gains are impressive when fixed with our exhaust systems.

Can I remove my catalytic converter?
We never recommend removing the catalytic converter from a vehicle, especially a vehicle that still has a manufacturer’s warranty. Phone your nearest dealer to enquire about catalytic converter replacements or removals.

5 Year Guarantee

As South Africa’s Leading Stainless Steel Exhaust manufacturer, we confidently offer the best Guarantees on our products. All Powerflow stainless steel silencers carry a 5 Year Guarantee, supported by an amazing National dealer network. T's & C's apply.

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Our 5-in-1 customer protection program, exclusive to all Powerflow outlets.


Made in SA to international standards


5 Year guarantee on all stainless steel silencers


National guarantee network


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